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Overview of Gifted Education and Talent Development Spring 2021 is a Course

Overview of Gifted Education and Talent Development Spring 2021

Ended Mar 13, 2021
1 credit

Full course description

Intended Audience: General Education teachers (Application required by emailing

Course Description: Gifted education serves as a microcosm of the educational system, with a focus on advanced or high-ability learners. Educators who want to work with gifted programs must have a sense of the nature and needs of gifted learners, as well as the types of programming and curriculum that are effective. This overview will provide educators the opportunity to explore these issues and more clearly explain relevant concepts and implement practical strategies with students.

Course Objectives: By the end of the session, educators will be able to:

1. Develop a personal definition of gifted education, comparing to state and federal definitions;

2. Understand the nature and needs of gifted learners;

3. Discuss options for effective programming for advanced learners;

4. Explain how to implement best practices in differentiation for high-ability learners.

5. Explain their own area of expertise and understanding to others (QUEST)

Course Requirements:

  • Participate in Zoom sessions scheduled over the three weeks (for a total of 14 hours);
  • Discuss 11 articles in gifted education / talent development, practice different graphic organizers for reading responses, and participate in discussions synthesizing readings with personal experiences and observations; Monitored by Instructor – interactive time = 2 + hours
  • Choose a topic and complete a QUEST to complete personal professional learning and share information with others. (format requires more than one hour to complete research and respond using organizer, attached) – Interactive time = 3 + hours

Course Materials: All readings will be available online.

** Attention: If you wish to use this course for licensure renewal credit, make sure to check with your school district for approval prior to registering for the course.