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Nonviolent Communication Fall 2022 is a Course

Nonviolent Communication Fall 2022

Nov 5, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022
1 credit


Full course description

ATTENTION: Before you register for this ILRU credit course, you must make sure to have registered for the event here:

This course is limited to 18 participants! Only participants who also registered using the link above will be accepted in the course. If we exceed the number of registrants, you should be notified via email.

Intended Audience: Educators and administrators at the elementary and secondary levels.

Course Dates: Saturdays November 5, 12, and 19, 2022

Meeting Times: 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Course Description: One of our primary ways of connecting with others is through language, whether it is speaking, emailing, texting or even thinking.The way we communicate is born of habit and training from the people we interact with on a daily basis. Patiently bringing attention to specific aspects of our words and thinking can have profound and far-reaching impacts on our world. The more we notice, understand and transform our own communication habits, the more care, clarity, and flexibility we are able to bring to all of our life’s relationships. In the classroom, our skills in speaking clearly and listening empathically are vitally important. With practice and attention, we can communicate in a way that helps us to connect with our students at a deeper level, enabling us to better meet their needs, academic and personal.

Course Objectives: In this course we will practice skills to reduce stress and learn to lean into relational challenges.

  • Develop skills to create more trust and cooperation with students, parents, faculty and administration.
  • Find creative tools to handle student behavior issues effectively.
  • Hear the genuine concerns and real needs of others no matter how they express it.
  • Practice expressing yourself in ways that are more likely to be heard by others.

Course Requirements: Attend all three online professional development meetings.

Course Materials:

Rosenberg, M. B. (2015). Nonviolent communication : a language of life (3rd ed.). Puddledancer Press.

Rosenberg, M. B., & Eisler, R. (2003). Life-Enriching Education : Nonviolent Communication Helps Schools Improve Performance, Reduce Conflict, and Enhance Relationships. PuddleDancer Press.

Sequence and Plan of Study:

Session 1: 5 hrs.

Articulating our experience through observations that are free of evaluations.

Feelings as information about myself and the other person.

Listening for what matters; universal human needs. Connecting with my needs and the other person’s as well.

Session 2: 5 hrs.

Learning to connect to needs (mine and others) before going to strategies.

Empathizing with a strategy.

How to hear and express “No.”

Session 3: 5 hrs.

Four ways to hear a difficult message.

Common ways we disconnect from ourselves and others.

Making requests of others that are free from demands.

** Attention: If you wish to use this course for licensure renewal credit, make sure to check with your school district for approval prior to registering for the course.

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