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Elementary Education Student Teaching Supervisors is a Course

Elementary Education Student Teaching Supervisors

Ended Dec 31, 2019
1 credit

Full course description

This course is only for UI CoE Elementary Education Student Teaching Supervisors.- You can't earn ILRU credit for this course. Only register for this course if you are employed as a UI CoE El Ed Student Teaching Supervisor.

The goal/purpose of this course is to provide the student teacher with a structured and consistent forum to critically examine and engage in professional dialogue, reflection, and evaluation of observations and experiences related to the process of becoming a teacher. This seminar has been designed with the understanding that each session is an open forum for problem solving, reflection on professional decisions, sharing experiences, and building a network of support. While each session will focus on a particular topic, it is expected that students will arrive at seminar with ideas and observations to share in relation to becoming a teacher, which includes navigating the performance based teacher licensure exam, edTPA.

This course is guided by both the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, and the Iowa State Teaching Standards. As we work through the components of planning, instruction, assessment, and lesson reflection embedded in the InTASC and Iowa State Teaching Standards Models, students will complete a Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), also aligned with InTASC standards.

In accordance with Chapter 79 of the Iowa Administrative Code [79.15(4)], the University of Iowa Teacher Education Program curriculum is “aligned with InTASC standards and embeds them in courses and field experiences.” The program must document that “each teacher candidate exhibits competency” in all of the professional core curricula grounded in InTASC and State of Iowa standards [IAC 79.15(5)].