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2022-2023 Educator Wellness Video Podcast Series is a Course

2022-2023 Educator Wellness Video Podcast Series

Oct 19, 2022 - May 18, 2023
1 credit


Full course description

Course Description:

This course has been designed to bring together education professionals across the state of Iowa to learn about the importance of educator wellness and its connection to social-emotional-behavioral health (SEBH). We will work through topics that address the 8-dimensions of wellness framework (SAMHSA) and evidence-based practices to help educators create systems of habits that support educators leaning into a life of harmony and purpose.

Course Objectives:

1) Help education professionals improve their understanding of the social, emotional, and behavioral health needs of diverse student/family populations.

2) Identify the 8-dimensions of wellness (SAMHSA).

3) Understand evidence-based behavior loops to build healthy habits and deconstruct habits getting in the way of our wellness goals.

4) Learn strategies and methods for how to transcend this knowledge into the classroom with their students.

Course Requirements:

1. Attend all 8 webinars.

2. Engage with the supporting materials found within the online course platform associated with this experience.

3. Complete the interactive discussions found within the online “course” platform.

Course Materials:

Internet access

Sequence and Plan of Study:

There are 8 webinars/video podcasts in this series. All are scheduled for 1.5 hours. = 16 hours of contact time. Additionally, all participants will be required to complete discussions within the online course platform associated with this course. 


All sessions are from 5:30-7:00. Make sure you register for each of the webinar episodes on the SCSMH Website.

1. October 19, 2022 - What is Wellness? Identity, Your 8-Dimensions of Wellness, and Creating a System to Support Your Well-Being

2. November 16, 2022 – Habits and Behavior Change to Support Your Physical Health

3. December 14, 2022 – Connecting with Others in Difficult Times – Our Social and Emotional Dimensions of Wellness

4. January 25, 2023 – Finding Values and Purpose in Life to Create Spiritual and Occupational Harmony

5. February 22, 2023 – We Are Professionals! Educator Compensation and Retention and Attrition in the Workforce

6. Recognizing Your Unique Talents and Using Them Creatively to Seek New Knowledge and Skills – Tending to Your Intellectual Dimension of Wellness

7. April 19. 2023 – Connecting to your Environment in a Meaningful Way to Support Your Well-Being

8. May 17, 2023 – The 8-Dimensions of Wellness and Living into Our Personal Harmony

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