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We Can! Building Relationships and Resilience Training is a Course

We Can! Building Relationships and Resilience Training

Ended Mar 30, 2019
1 credit

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Full course description

Participants will receive training in We Can! Building Relationships and Resilience, a school wide trauma informed curriculum that is focused helping school personnel understand adverse childhood experiences, toxic stress, resilience, and strategies to reduce the impacts of these on students in an education setting. The creators of We Can! have been evaluating the effectiveness of this training on multiple schools over the past few years with promising results. This training is to provide school personnel with the information to share with their colleagues. Throughout the year, participants will be able to present the material to their colleagues at their respective schools.

Course Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  • 1)      Describe what adverse childhood experiences are and the corresponding detrimental health and learning outcomes associated with them
  • 2)      Define toxic stress
  • 3)      Apply the ARCH Model of Resilience to their work with students
  • 4)      Detail steps to help students with emotion regulation
  • 5)      Present the material they learn to their colleagues
  • 6)      Describe what they and their school is doing to be trauma informed
Course Requirements:

Participants are required to attend each training session offered. Over the year, there are a total of 3 1 day trainings. Each training session is from 9am-4pm. Participants are also required to present the material in their respective schools in 7 different professional development sessions.

Course Materials:

All course material have been organized, created, and evaluated as part of the We Can! Building Relationships and Resilience curriculum. Content consists of academic articles and videos. All content will be delivered during the PD.  

A request for refund must be made prior to the start date of a course. When requesting a refund, please contact Deb Kakavas at  319-335-6412.