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Becoming an Anti-Racist Professional Educator Spring-Summer 2021 is a Course

Becoming an Anti-Racist Professional Educator Spring-Summer 2021

Ended Sep 8, 2021
1 credit

Full course description

Fee: free


Intended Audience: education professionals


Course Description: The goal of this series is to reveal the racism (psychological, social, physical, emotional) in U.S. schools and how it defines the current practices in schooling. We will explore the kinds of changes school personnel must make in their interactions, engagement, and environment to work towards anti-racism. In this series, we will decenter Whiteness and interrogate your positionality within society, but specifically within school systems. How can you do the radical self-work to learn?


Course Objectives: The series will address and explore the follow topics:

1.     Designing culturally conscious classrooms

2.     Examining the impacts racism has on students, families, teachers, and PK-12 school communities.

3.     Using an anti-racism lens to implement PBIS and classroom management practices

4.     Defining, identifying and examining racialized trauma in the classroom

5.     Dismantling curriculum violence in the classroom

6.     Racial justice and social emotional learning in PK-12 schools

7.     Liberatory pedagogical approaches: culturally sustaining pedagogy in practice

8.     Anti-racist assessment practices in PK-12 schools

9.     Anti-racist school leadership practices

Course Requirements: Attend all 9 sessions, engage in breakout discussions, complete all 9 session reflections.


Course Materials: Access to high-speed, stable internet – Zoom


Sequence and Plan of StudyNote: Each session is scheduled for 1.5-2 hours totalling 15 webinar hours - plus hours engaged in interactive reflection via Canvas course platform = 19 hours.


Please visit the webinar page for more details and registration information on the webinars in this series.


** Attention: If you wish to use this course for licensure renewal credit, make sure to check with your school district for approval prior to registering for the course.